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Feb 26, 2014 12:00am PST
deserves this. >> correct. >> it is like religions give people guilt, tom. >> andy, this sinting. i was obsessed with jewish girls in high school and college. i asked one of my girlfriends, what is going on with the jewish religion? she said, we believe the same thing as you, except jesus and hell. >> that's not bad. when people were asked to write about heaven and hell those who picked hell reported more sadness. maybe sadder people chose to write about hell than heaven. >> it is a matter of focus. >> i was saying they were sadder to begin with and that's why they chose to write about hell. it was not writing about hell that made them sadder. it is a chicken and egg thing which is a inett tau fore thing. >> which came first, the chicken or the egg? do you believe in hell and if so what are your thoughts? >> the club i worked in last weekend unconfirmed that. it was pure hell. it was walking hell. it was the oldest people just -- it was like working purgatory. i was in -- >> you believe in purgatory? that's a catholic thing. i believe in purgatory. >> you can't make the decision right a
FOX News
Mar 6, 2014 12:00am PST
in life. do you agree with what he is saying? >> looks like he found religion. good for him. hope it works out. hope it is forever. monogamy is the way to go. it is creepy to be the guy who has to sneak out. it is kind of gross. >> it is gross. i wouldn't know that feeling though. i am always the guy who wakes up and there is like somebody crying going what was i thinking? i am smeared with jelly. >> is that jelly? >> andy, do you think ashton should apologize to the one nightstand guys out there? he had to have offended them. >> he absolutely should. i actually agree with him. i have never been a one nightstand bay. guy. it is not for me. >> you stick to one hand. >> i promise not to cheat on you. >> that was unnecessary. >> that was terrible. >> i apologize. i am apologizing for being so obvious a joke. i am not really sorry i said it. >> that's exactly what i want you to apologize for. >> we have to take a break. more stuff is on the way. if you haven't bought my book yet, i am angry. i have to rewrite this. 31 cities and 11 days. here is a look at where i am going to be. stop by
FOX News
Feb 27, 2014 12:00am PST
and he would yell something in squirrel religion and then fly into your eyes. >> this is obviously a relief for you. they served like 40 years and isn't that close enough to a life term anyway? it is not like they could do much now because they are so old. do you buy that a? >> they should do it the way the white house does with turkeys. put information and allow the people to vote, you know what i mean? this is cletis, he is a member and this is gold tooth. he is uh allergic to cleetis. >> that is true coming from you. >> you are a family of five, but got probation because you said the judge was, quote, super hot. how do you feel about this new thing? >> i am very grateful to have received a fair trial and have been acquitted. i don't understand this idea of governors pardoning people or giving them parole. after going through the process then one person can let them go after a board reviews whatever? but it is ultimately their say? that is ridiculous. these poor vehicle times who experienced comfort and know they have life in prison, then that goes away. >> that is the thing that k
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3